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Thank you for checking us out. We'd love to hear from you, but before we do, please check out the values that guide our business below. If you and your company follow similar values, we'll be the best of friends! 

We have a life outside of work

While our typical hours are 9-5 on weekdays, we do work nights and weekends as needed, but please don't expect this from us. We're passionate about our work, but we're even more passionate about our families. Our families come first, so we will occasionally take a few hours out of the day to go on school field trips with our kids or attend doctor appointments. If you also have a life outside of work,
we'll work great together. 

A little respect goes a long way

To be respectful to our current clients and ensure they get the best quality work possible, we'll sometimes decline new projects​ when we're insanely busy. We never want to over promise and under deliver, which could happen if we have more work than we can handle. And we love getting to know our clients, but if you're a "Debbie Downer" or take yourself too seriously, then we're probably not the right fit for each other. Oh, and since we have crazy generous invoicing terms but often pay out of pocket for expenses for our clients (printing, domain acquisition, etc.), we appreciate payment by the due date. We reserve the right to delay work on new projects for clients with overdue invoices until payment is made.

Honesty is the best policy

We wish we could read minds (we'd be rich), but since we can't, we rely on you to be upfront and honest with your expectations. If you have very specific goals and objectives, or expect us to attend weekly meetings for example, please let us know up front. We just want all our clients completely satisfied. 

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