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{It's ok to be vain once in awhile}

      branding + identity

Your company image is the face of your business to your current and potential clients. A strong brand establishes a positive perception, lasting impression and complete trust for your product or service. Whether you're just starting out or you're an established small business looking to revamp, every company needs a unique identity to leave that indelible mark. Markurious can help you build a consistent brand that aligns with your vision and mission.  

      graphic design + illustration

Graphic design services include datasheets, advertising, direct mail, brochures, newsletters, iPDFs, infographics, product packaging, tradeshow graphics, presentations, special event materials - we'll take anything ordinary and make it extraordinary. We pride ourselves on crafting every design piece into a unique, professional and memorable sales tool catered to your audience.   Just tell us what you need, and how involved you want to be with the process. We can do the whole kit and caboodle - from brainstorming, to concept, content, design, production and distribution - or we can just do the design and you take it from there. 

      digital marketing

In today's digital world, more and more consumers are choosing to hit the internet as their first and primary source of information. A website, e-blast or animated banner ad is often a company's only chance to make an impression. It not only helps form your customers' perception of your business, but it may also become a driving factor behind their buying decision. Markurious can execute your tactics within a digital marketing strategy to help you make that good first impression. 


Do you just need help communicating to your employees or clients through delicately-written letters or emails?  Or maybe you need a press release written and disseminated to industry-targeted media. From writing the first draft to dissemination of your communication, we've got you covered. 


So many boutique marketing firms and freelancers only specialize in one skill. We're different. We provide a creative mix, including copywriting services. We don't require you to submit copy for your project. Of course, if you're on a tight budget, we'll gladly use your copy, but we do the necessary research to write meaningful marketing copy to spark curiosity and helps elevate your business above your competitors. 

why choose us? (and some other useful info)


We're a part of your company

At Markurious, we treat you like family. We work hard for you and jump through hoops to fulfill last minute projects for you - large or small. We're not happy until you're happy. It's almost like we're an employee of your company. Many clients use Markurious as their marcom department, without the hassle of having to pay insurance and a guaranteed salary. We just charge for the time we work for you at the end of each month.

Call us foolish, but we actually trust our clients

Many of our competitors require complete payment prior to beginning a project. Not us. We don't invoice until the project is complete and you're satisfied. Then, we invoice with net-30 terms. That means you have 30 days after project completion to pay your invoice. The only time we request a deposit prior to commencement of work is for clients who are habitually late payers. We've only been burned a few times, so this trust thing seems to be a win-win.

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